Are you winning in the quest for leadership with your words?

Each week, each day, each conversation brings NEW opportunities for growth and empowering others as we speak and live the values in a profound and meaningful way.

If we want to be empowered with the strength of leadership then we must learn to speak the words of empowerment to others.

After all, our words have so much power.

And if you are someone who cares about being a greater influence on others, then welcome to this conversation – I am so pleased that you are here!

Often we have great intentions to walk into the office and be the type of leader that not only drives the standards but has an impact on those around them – in a meaningful way. But sometimes:

  • We get distracted.
  • Someone may trigger us.
  • Our emotions get in the way.
  • Or we’re simply exhausted from being the only one that seems to care…

There is a pandora’s box of variables that can send us into the whirlwind instead of staying in the zone. We need reminders sometimes to keep us above the noise.

And so often we bump up against others, personalities clash or our words don’t come out the right way. And this can often be a catalyst for the relationship diminishing.

Often this can play out through:

  • Gossip about others;
  • Airing grievances to the wrong people;
  • Ostracising those who offended you; and sometimes
  • Niggling people to the point of shaming them.

Here’s the thing, we have to realise that our words have power. They either uplift those around us or they break them down.

Those flippant comments that people sometimes make can either contribute or contaminate the atmosphere of the group of people.

Not everyone has been built with a repertoire of language that is empowering. I know I certainly wasn’t. It’s a skill, just like anything else that can be learned. And for those in business, it’s a skill that must be learned.

If you want to have an influence on those around you – your choice of words matter.

If you have a desire to live the values, then you must speak the words that are infused with the values of the culture.

If you want to cast the vision then again, your words will either inspire to bring people along with you or turn them away.

It is often the simplest interactions that can lead to the greatest shift in someone’s attitude.

To lead is to be fearless to lead. To lead with a sense of certainty. That is deep with the richness of empowering words that raise not only the standards but the internal motivation of those around you.

I’d love to hear from you – what are some of the most empowering words spoken to you that has caused a shift in your perspective. And perhaps even, how you’ve felt about yourself?

I trust this has added some value and inspiration to your day 🙂


P.S Soon we’ll be starting a brand new Social Media group to deep dive into topics just like this – just for you 🙂