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Experienced Coach Trainers
Values-Based Coaching
Practical Application

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Program Benefits

Flexible Access

Choose your preferred way of learning  in a 1 Day Course or Self-Paced online. 

Blended Learning

A blend of course material, personalised mentoring and on the job application.

Experienced Trainers

Receive training from experienced coaches and trainers from industry.

Coaching Toolkit

Receive a guidebook with checklists and templates to use immediately.

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Live Virtual Classes

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Here's what our students receive...

In both the FBE and CSM’s remove Quarterly Face to Face events, Remove 108 Learning Outcomes, replace that with Key Learning Outcomes

What Makes this Program Unique?

The Coaching Skills for Managers program was designed by Ilsé Strauss who has over 20+ years of leadership coaching experience. She has conducted over 5,000 hrs coaching, advising and consulting to managers across Private, Public and NFP sectors. Her coaching is based on values-enquiry methodology to establish strategy that is successful in values congruence. Recent pilots of this coaching methodology received reports from managers that they experienced a greater sense of self-identity as leaders, transformation of a values based workplace culture and they also felt they had better relationships with their teams.

Contact Ilsé to enquire about the Coaching Skills for Managers program on 0427 355 138 or

1 Day Course

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Program Sessions

The 4 sessions in your Coaching Skills for Managers program are comprised of 16 learning outcomes that supports the coaching initiative in the workplace

The Role of Coaching in the Workplace

  • Understand the role of the organisation in supporting the coaching framework
  • Discover the characteristics and commitments of an effective coach for the workplace
  • Identify the requirements for coachee suitability for the coaching initiative
  • Recognise misuse of the coaching initiative and how to avoid them

Workplace Coaching Styles

  • Learn how to approach formal coaching sessions for maximum benefits
  • Identify the advantages of informal coaching in the workplace for increased results
  • Discover how non-formal coaching can be used to create a culture of knowledge-sharing
  • Explore the positive and negative aspects of personality can influence coaching in the workplace

Values-Based Coaching

  • Learn how to conduct a formal coaching session using the RACE Model of coaching
  • Demonstrate the use of the RACE coaching framework with a coachee
  • Receive feedback from your coach mentor on your coaching in the workplace skills
  • Identify some of the common blindspots of values-based coaching and how to remain acutely aware.

Technical Coaching Skills

  • Learn how to apply cause and effect in the values based coaching initiative
  • Identify the markers of transformational listening skills for deep communication
  • Discover a variety of meta questioning skills to encourage cognitive thinking
  • Understand the capability of sensemaking to identify common values incongruencies


Course Features

Program Objectives
  • Understand the roles of stakeholders in the coaching initiative
  • Discover the various coaching styles for values based coaching
  • Demonstrate your ability to conduct the RACE Model for coaching
  • Learn the technical skills suited for coaching in the workplace
Course Duration
  • This course is a 1 day course for attendees of Live or Face to Face sessions.
  • Self-paced learners are provided lessons over a 2 week period.
  • All learners have access to Q&A support for 1 month at no additional charge 
Delivery Method

You can complete this course via one of three ways:

  1. Option 1 –  1 Day face to face learning environment
  2. Option 2 – 1 Day live virtual classes to complete your course
  3. Option 3 – Self-paced learning with online access to course recordings
Program Materials

The following program materials will be provided for you:

  1. 4 Sessions delivered as classes either Live, Virtually or Recordings in your Coaching Skills for Managers program
  2. Course Guidebook that provides you with important checklists and templates you need for your program.
  3. Diagnostics that assesses a variety of aspects such as coachee personality, values and strengths. 
Student Support
  • Program Mentoring You can book a call with your course mentor at any stage in before or after your course, to improve your experience with assessments, workplace activities and goal achievement.
  • Contact Us Contact us via email for 24hr turnaround advice and answers

The Coaching Skills for Managers is a non-accredited program and therefore you do not need to sit any exams nor do you have mandatory work submissions.

Broader Implications

There is a range of broader implications and opportunities for you upon completing this course. For instance:

  • Implement the coaching ethics inititive in local, national and international divisions
  • Apply coaching skills in strategic sessions, meetings and within internal training and development programs
  • Add to the fabric of a positive ethical climate and organisational culture
Career Opportunities

As a result of completing this program, you will increase your coaching skills and capabilities as needed in these roles:

  • CEO
  • Executive
  • Board Director
  • NFP Leader
  • Organizational Consultants
  • Executive Coaching & Mentoring
  • Educators and Trainers
Investment Structure

You can pay either in full or in 2 instalments. Please speak with us about your preferred option.

Learning Methodology

The Coaching Skills for Managers program is developed for adult learning, and uses experiential and blended learning as our mode of delivery.

Practical Application

At the end of each session you will develop an Action Plan based on the learning outcomes. This means that you can immediately start coaching and benefit from the workshop.

Course Theoretical Frameworks

This program is based on a selection of managerial and theoretical frameworks including, but not limited to values congruence, stakeholder theory and positive organisational behaviours, plus more.

Ideal Participants

The Foundations of Business Ethics course is suitable for individuals in a variety of roles for multifaceted purposes.

Small Business Owners

This includes start-up, small and medium business managers who have limited time or insufficient HR support to develop employee’s. 

Emerging Leaders & NGO’s

Emergent leaders who are values conscious and committed to ensuring the ethical development of self and those around them.

Educators & Consultants

Responsible educators and consultants will benefit from this course for their own personal development. Enquire about licenses for Course Packs for use Australia wide.

coaching skills

Research across the world reports values incongruence as a factor in employee disengaement, attrition and decreased job satisfaction. Coaching Skills is a stakeholder relations strategy which provides the organisational with a framework that incorporates the essential capabilities to rebuild values congruency, positive workplace behaviour and trust within the organisation.