What is Ethics?

Ethical behaviour is generally considered conduct that reflects the moral, amoral, or immoral values held by individuals within workplaces, families, communities, management, or even governments. These moral values are typically unconscious ideals that each individual holds, that form the foundation of what we believe to be ethical, unethical. When we talk about ethics, we not talking just about values, more specifically, we are talking about moral values. These are values that are generally accepted as being socially acceptable values for the functioning of a group of people, regardless of size, location, or demographic.

Unethical leadership issues

To gain a better understanding of what is ethical, we need to explore what is commonly considered unethical. Some of common and emergent ethical issues in our contemporary marketplace include the following:

Ilsé Strauss is the founder of PurposeSYNC and is an Organisational Leadership Consultant specialising in behavioural ethics. Ilsé has a degree in Legal Studies & International Politics and is currently completing her Master’s at Murdoch University in the School of Business & Psychology. Ilsé works closely with senior leaders in a range of industries including Government, Professional Services, and Not for Profits. If she is not meanering the hills of Perth with her husband and three kids, she is consulting, researching, and establishing community relationships to promote good leadership.

Fiona Jeanne

Not only does she rock the room when you see her live at events, But her skills and ability to truly facilitate the room transferred seamlessly into the online space

Business Strategist and behavioural profiling expert

    Ellis Hodgetts

    Ilse Strauss has brought a breakthrough that I was searching to expand my journey in leadership. She has positively impacted my decision making process, calibrate my thinking and infuse incredible inputs. I truly recommend Ilsé Strauss


      Susi Jarman

      Not knowing what to expected I was incredibly impressed with her knowledge, passion, energy and presentation. She truly is an inspiration and presents in such an easy and personal way that touches and impresses. Highly recommended - thank you Ilse.

      King Living

        Chris Bush

        In this current climate, the need for adaptive strategies is essential to any company, Ilsé encompasses this strategy as much in daily lifestyle at home as in business

        WA State Manager at SIRF Roundtables

          Louise Carter

          Ilse is a great facilitator and presenter. I would have every confidence in putting her in front of my clients. She is extremely professional and her work is of a high standard.

          CEO - Performance Partnership

            Mark Amin

            Ilse leaves audiences asking for more! Her passionate style of delivery, knowledge, and experiences were evident. It’s not easy to deliver content and motivate at the same time. Ilse does it with great ease


              Seminars & Workshops

              Ilsé regularly speaks at Management Roundtables, Organisational Ethics programs and Personal Growth events.

              Wendy Campbell

              llsé is a superlative communicator, with a deep understanding of what really drives success. I was very grateful for the intensive preparation that she put into her work with the Rotary Club of Perth. Thank you!