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Ilsé Strauss specialises in ethical business and leadership and provides consulting, coaching and training to senior leaders. She believes that the true measure of a successful organisation is it’s capacity to do good business. Ilsé has a Masters in Leadership (by research) and is a credentials business and workplace coach, and a qualified trainer and assessor. Ilsé works closely with business managers and senior leaders in a range of industries including education, government, professional services, and NFP’s. Her latest project is developing an internationally accredited business and leadership coach training school that is underpinned by business ethics. When she’s not working, she’s meandering the hills of Perth with her family, testing out new coffee beans and waiting on Wilbur Smith and Bryce Courtney’s next book!

What is Ethics?

When we talk about ethics, we not talking just about values, more specifically, we are talking about moral values. Ethical  behaviour is generally considered conduct that reflects the moral values held by individuals within workplaces, families, communities, management, and governments. When these moral values are shared, they become socially accepted by the group and results in normative ethical conduct. Contact ilse@purposesync or 0427 355 138 to discuss your needs. 

Ethical Executive  Strategy

Senior leaders are critical to business ethics because they establish the overral organisational tone and direction. Because business ethics is complex, PurposeSYNC applies a socio-cognitive strategy to assist executives and business owners to positively affect ethical outcomes at the individual, group and organisational level. This strategy is all-encompassing and addresses external and internal factors for transformational change.


Executive and business coaching

Coaching designed for busy Executives, Managers, and Business owners who want the benefits of working with an experienced and professional coach… READ MORE

Management consulting

The ethical cultural change strategy elevates an organisation with values-based models for organisational development… READ MORE

Professional coach training

Leverage your skills and gain a professional coach education and work with business owners and executive to reach their goals… READ MORE

Personality profiling

The HEXACO personality profile is an advancement of the Big Five personality test because it includes a sixth trait (Honesty-Humility)… READ MORE



Seminars & Workshops

Ilsé regularly speaks at Management Roundtables, Organisational Ethics programs and Personal Growth events.

❝llsé is a superlative communicator, with a deep understanding of what really drives success. I was very grateful for the intensive preparation that she put into her work with the Rotary Club of Perth. Thank you!❞

Wendy Campbell

❝Ilsé is extremely experienced and I have found her support and guidance to be so valuable as I grow personally and professionally. She never judges and is very down to earth so I feel I can discuss anything and get the help I need. I highly recommend.❞



❝When I was stuck she challenged me and demonstrated that a business is not just about numbers and profits but is about core values, vision, leadership and the value of our employees and Clients. Ilsè tapped into what was important to me, where I can add value and how the future structure of my company will look when considering all of these important elements.❞

Rob Sceresini

Director Australian Mining Advisors Pty Ltd

❝In this current climate, the need for leadership strategies are essential to any company, Ilsé encompasses this strategy in her daily lifestyle and in business.❞

Chris Bush

SIRF, WA State Manager

❝Not knowing what to expected I was incredibly impressed with her knowledge and passion. She truly is an inspiration in such an easy and personal way that touches and impresses. Highly recommended – Thank you Ilse.❞

Susi Jarman

Managing Director

❝Ilse has brought a breakthrough that I was searching to expand my journey in leadership. She has positively impacted my decision making process, calibrate my thinking and infuse incredible inputs. I truly recommend Ilsé Strauss.❞

Ellis Hodgetts

Managing Director

❝If you’re on the fence about whether to dip your toe in or not, if you’re scared about the outcome, if you think you don’t have the financials or the wind isn’t blowing the right way – you’ve already lost and you shouldn’t be thinking about this program – you NEED this program.❞