Organisational ethical leadership 

PurposeSYNC promotes strong ethical climate’s by developing leaders and teams in values-based behavioural change.

Management Consulting

Executive Ethics Strategy

Develop your ethical decision-making framework and underpin future business ethics initiatives. Our strategy is values-based and facilitates a business ethics vision and values to affect policy, processes and behavioural outcomes. 

ethical leadership consulting

Our strategy goes beyond traditional organisational leadership and acknowledges the moral values that underpins ethical leadership. We address the ethical management and leadership skills needs to achieve your ethical leadership goals.  

workplace coaching consulting

Implementing a workplace coaching strategy can increase performance, engagement and retain talented employees. Our consulting strategy creates a workplace coaching culture which fosters a greater sense of wellbeing.

conflict management consulting

Conflict management consulting provides you with analysis, advisory and implementation services. Our strategy ensures that your business is aligned with industry regulations, legal requirements and conflict management best practices.

Senior leaders are critical to business ethics because it is their moral awareness, standards, expectations and behaviours that establishes the organisational tone and direction. Whether it’s to resolve conflicts between executives and teams, develop ethical leadership skills and capabilities, or to build an ethical framework, every executive needs a strategy that addresses outcomes ethically. Because business ethics is complex, PurposeSYNC applies a socio-cognitive strategy to assist leaders in positively affecting ethical outcomes at the individual, group and organisational level. This strategy is all-encompassing and addresses external factors such as industry regulations and legal requirements as well as internal factors including policies and practices.