Wendy Campbell

“llsé is a superlative communicator, with a deep understanding of what really drives success. I was very grateful for the intensive preparation that she put into her work with the Rotary Club of Perth. Thank you!”

“Ilsé Strauss is an exceptional leader who is fast-tracking my development as a leader. Self-Mastery, Bench Marking, and Values are just a subset of the leadership foundations that I am learning about. I highly recommend anyone who is committed to lifelong learning and personal growth, to follow and contact PurposeSYNC!”

Trent O’Callaghan

“In two words… simply amazing! For many months I found myself confused about the very core vision and mission of my business. My momentum was all over the place and my results less than desired. Ilsés programs assisted me to narrow my direction and align it with what truly drives my business. I can’t put a price on that! Thank you so very much Ilse! ”

Cindy Turner

Megan Vuillerman | President – Southern Business | Women’s Association

“This leadership model has provided me with the awareness to identify key – where it fits and how it opens the door to so many new possibilities ”



Inspiration Source

“From the moment I first met IIsé  I was impressed. Her high standards and values Such an unswaying commitment!” 



NGL - Electrical Cabling

“Thank you for helping me to create the Values I need to be a great leader. I have so much more clarity and direction now!”

Cameron Aitken

Cameron Aitken

Perth Body Scanners

“I now have a greater understanding of my emotions and how to get back into the Zone quickly -Thank you PurposeSYNC!!”

Mark Amin

Ilse leaves audiences asking for more! Her passionate style of delivery, knowledge, and experiences were evident. It’s not easy to deliver content and motivate at the same time. Ilse does it with great ease


    Jonas Mulombwa

    I feel so energised from attending this seminar. Such positive energy and sparks flowing from everyone in the group.

    Jonas Mulombwa Photography

      Chris Bush

      In this current climate, the need for adaptive strategies is essential to any company, Ilsé encompasses this strategy as much in daily lifestyle at home as in business

      WA State Manager at SIRF Roundtables

        Kath Mazzella

        Whilst witnessing Ilse in action I discovered by attending this course and to progress to the next level in my business I learnt I need to focus more on my personal leadership to find the hows and why I hold myself back in my delivery of my message


          Susi Jarman

          Not knowing what to expected I was incredibly impressed with her knowledge, passion, energy and presentation. She truly is an inspiration and presents in such an easy and personal way that touches and impresses. Highly recommended - thank you Ilse.

          King Living

            Ellis Hodgetts

            Ilse Strauss has brought a breakthrough that I was searching to expand my journey in leadership. She has positively impacted my decision making process, calibrate my thinking and infuse incredible inputs. I truly recommend Ilsé Strauss


              Fiona Jeanne

              Not only does she rock the room when you see her live at events, But her skills and ability to truly facilitate the room transferred seamlessly into the online space

              Business Strategist and behavioural profiling expert