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Ethical Leadership Coach

Learn more about our course which is designed in alignment with International Coaching Federation (ICF) standards

Top 10 Questions

To Ask Your Coach Education Provider

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    Top 10 Questions To Ask About Ethical Leadership Coach Training

    1.  What industry needs can a leadership and workplace coach meet?
    2.  Can I complete the course even with my current busy schedule?
    3.  Am I suitable to become a leadership coach
    4.  What type of career opportunities and should I expect?
    5. What type of coaching models will I learn about?
    6.  Is there an ICF credential pathway?
    7.  What are the qualifications and experience of the trainer?
    8.  How can I get support from the coach training provider?
    9.  Can I be RPL’d for any previous coach training?
    10.  Will I learn about setting up a coaching business?

    *Zoom recording will be made available for all those who register

    Program Co-ordinator and Senior Trainer

    Ilsé Strauss has been in business and leadership development for 20+ years and has recently completed her Masters in Leadership. Her professional success in academic research and management consultancy has earned the trust of business in the public and private sectors. When she’s not researching and teaching, she’s roaming the hills of Perth with her family.


    Rigorous practitioner trainer to develop the essential coaching skills


    Develop your coaching skills in alignment with professional coach competencies.


    50/50 blend of coach training and mentoring to receive group and personal support.


    Be confident and know you are coach ready by sitting your final performance evaluation.

    Become An Ethical Leadership Coach

    Leverage your skills and gain a professional coach education and work with business owners and executive to reach their goals.

    • Become a professional business and leadership coach
    • International Coaching Federation accreditation pathway available
    • Virtual coach training for busy or geographically distant coaches
    • Complete business and leadership coach toolkit
    • Industry aligned coach training curriculum
    • Align with authentic and ethical business principles and practices
    • Remote Access – available 24/7 for your convenience
    • Personalised consults with your mentor throughout your course
    • Flexible payment options to suit your needs
    • Local, national and global networking opportunities


    Mark Amin

    Ilse leaves audiences asking for more! Her passionate style of delivery, knowledge, and experiences were evident. It’s not easy to deliver content and motivate at the same time. Ilse does it with great ease


      Louise Carter

      Ilse is a great facilitator and presenter. I would have every confidence in putting her in front of my clients. She is extremely professional and her work is of a high standard.

      CEO - Performance Partnership

        Chris Bush

        In this current climate, the need for adaptive strategies is essential to any company, Ilsé encompasses this strategy as much in daily lifestyle at home as in business

        WA State Manager at SIRF Roundtables

          Susi Jarman

          Not knowing what to expected I was incredibly impressed with her knowledge, passion, energy and presentation. She truly is an inspiration and presents in such an easy and personal way that touches and impresses. Highly recommended - thank you Ilse.

          King Living

            Ellis Hodgetts

            Ilse Strauss has brought a breakthrough that I was searching to expand my journey in leadership. She has positively impacted my decision making process, calibrate my thinking and infuse incredible inputs. I truly recommend Ilsé Strauss


              Fiona Jeanne

              Not only does she rock the room when you see her live at events, But her skills and ability to truly facilitate the room transferred seamlessly into the online space

              Business Strategist and behavioural profiling expert

                Keystone is a new leadership and workplace coach training school designed for online delivery and assessment, to meet the growing demand for coaches. Developed by Ilsé Strauss, who has a Masters in Leadership and an experienced leadership coach – our coach training is developed in accordance with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) to align our students with global coaching standards.