Leadership Ethics Collective

Membership for Ethically Conscious SME’s NGO’s and Emerging Leaders



The Leadership Ethics Collective is a social enterprise initiative for emerging leaders designed to elevate leadership integrity by providing a virtual knowledge sharing platform for ethical dialogue

Mission Objectives

Provide Community Education

Facilitate ethical Dialogue

Promote Values Congruence

Inspire Ethical Practices

The Let’s Talk Ethics! seminar is purpose-designed for emerging leaders to meet our mission objectives. This seminar takes a behavioural approach to the ethics narrative in leader development. Rather than a prescriptive debate that attempts to convince you of what, or who is ethical, instead, let’s explore how we express our moral values.


Join the Leadership Ethics Collective and tap into a network of peers, industry professionals and academic researchers who generously provide their time and expertise to advance ethical values in leadership for the community.

Ethical Leadership Development

Improve your ethical leadership psychology, strategic and practical skills to grow as a leader.

Access to industry experts

Watch interviews with experts in various industries as we ask the questions important to emerging leaders.


Find the best way for you to be part of the knowledge-sharing by either hearing other voices or contributing yours.

Latest Research

Learn how researchers in your local and global community are contributing to industry on ethical and sustainable leadership.

Anonymous Ethics Hotline

Ethics is a contentious topic and if you have any questions, use our anonymous email service for a neutral sounding board or referrals to industry experts.

Legal Advice

Contact us for legal advice pertaining to unethical or illegal workplace, corporate or commercial disputes.

Community Outreach

Ask us about running a workshop for your Emerging Leaders on the fundamental principles of ethical leadership.

  • Indigenous Communities
  • High Schools
  • VET Programs
  • Entrepreneur’s
  • Youth Groups
  • Professional Associations

Let’s Talk Ethics!

Book A Free Seminar Today for Your Emerging Leaders

  • Expert Facilitator
  • 1 hr Session
  • Practical Application
  • Real Life Scenarios

Ethics Issues

Become a Member or an Expert Contributor to the Leadership Ethics Collective and speak into one or more of the following pillars

Human Capital

Explore many of the researched strategies to improving the wellbeing of direct or indirect stakeholders associated with your business practices.

Economic Viability

Analyse various business strategies that employ efficient use of company assets for healthy profitability and business wellbeing.

Social Awareness

Investigate a multitude of impact opportunities for building business relations to enhance the social structures within your communities


Gain a deeper awareness of a diverse range of environmental issues and initiatives that can improve your business footprint on the earth.

Apply today

Apply today for standard Membership to receive expert mentoring from researchers and practitioners to
support you in your business and leadership career.

Informed Member

Receive your monthly Leadership Ethics Collective newsletter with interviews, events, tips, and articles about ethical issues that advance your business growth, professional development, and social impact.

Expert Contributor

In addition to your standard membership, you are welcome to contribute to our growing knowledge base with insights from your research, industry expertise, and professional mentorship.

Group Mentoring

Gather a group of your industry peers, co-workers, or team and we’ll match you with a virtual facilitator-led group to support you with the ethical business strategies and workplace practices important to you.

Partnership Opportunities

Leadership Ethics Collective has partnership opportunities for public and private sector consultants, practitioners, educators, researchers, NGO’s, or professional associations. We are accepting applications for partnership for the following objectives:


  • Industry experts
  • Education and training
  • Academic research
  • Members benefits
  • Professional compliance
  • Government reports
  • Ethical careers and jobs

eCoaching Program

Lead with Confidence eCoaching Program

The Leading with Confidence eCoaching program has been designed in response to common challenges experienced by emerging leaders. This includes leadership capabilities development communicating with confidence and improving their interpersonal skills. As a result of this eCoaching program, emerging leaders will have new practical skills and capabilities as values based leaders.


  • 6 eCoaching sessions
  • Values-based goal setting
  • Female and male coaches available
  • Experienced eCoach 

Some of the moral values we explore in this program include:






Procedural justice