Code of Ethics


  • We promise to engage in fair-dealings and beneficence with all our stakeholders including enquiries, clients, students, industry partners and community leaders
  • We will not engage in exploitative, harassing or untruthful sales and marketing strategies and practices
  • We will truthfully identify my coaching qualifications, expertise, experience, certifications.
  • All advice and claims made to our clients are honest, accurate and consistent with maintaining good reputation of leadership training and development.
  • We are willing to suspend or terminate current coaching activity when I am alerted to signs of personal challenges that may interfere with my performance as a coach with a client, and seek professional consultation.
  • Throughout the duration of a professional contracted relationship, we will not initiate, develop, pursue nor engage in a personal relationship with my client.
  • We will be sensitive to issues of culture, religion, gender, sexuality, disability, race and all other aspects of diversity.
  • We establish clear agreements and contracts with my clients and sponsors and will honour all agreements and contracts made in the context of professional relationship.
  • We will make our clients aware that psychological or counselling support is not delivered by us, and should it be required by a client they will be referred to an appropriate specialist service provider.
  • We will maintain, store and dispose of any client records created in a manner that promotes confidentiality, security and privacy, and complies with any applicable laws and agreements.
  • We will ensure that that if any evidence of illegal activity or the potential harm to the client themselves or others is disclosed, we have to inform the appropriate authorities and so be unable to maintain complete client confidentiality.
  • We welcome your critiques, complaints or grievances and promise to provide an unthreatening, non-hostile reporting process
  • We will respect the client’s right to terminate the coaching at any point during the learning and development process.
  • We will monitor the quality of our own work through regular feedback from  clients and other appropriate professionals.
  • If a client does not pay for the services as agreed, and we wish to use collection agencies or legal measures to collect the fees, we will first inform the person that such measure will be taken, and provides that person an opportunity to make prompt payment.
  • We will complete at least 20 hours annually of professional development in the theory and practice of leadership training and development.
  • We will maintain and keep current any insurances that are appropriate for our practice as required within our geographical and industry jurisdiction.
  • We will ensure that I have appropriate permission to utilise intellectual property or copyrighted material developed by others and will not pass off such as my own. This includes but is not limited to coaching resources and computer software licensing.

Adapted from National Code of Research Ethics, Fit and Proper Persons Test, and ICF, ICG 

PurposeSYNC’s Pledge

We acknowledge and agree to honour our ethical and legal obligations to our  clients and sponsors, colleagues, and the public at large. We pledge to comply with our Code of Ethics and to practice these standards in all training and development forums.