Coaching is designed for busy Executives, Managers, and Practitioners who want the benefits of virtually working with an experienced coach to unlock their purpose and potential.


Your PurposeSYNC eCoach will help you achieve results by:

receive expert coaching

Convenience of eCoaching

improve personal wellbeing

navigate complex issues

The eCoaching program is exclusively designed by Ilsé Strauss, an experienced Professional Coach with over 5,000 hours in coaching and mentoring emerging leaders, business managers and executive’s across private, public and NFP sectors. The coaching frameworks we use is action-orientated, transformational coaching which is applied for your maximum benefit in your eCoaching sessions. Contact us today to find the right eCoach for you.

eCoaching Programs

Your eCoach is equipped with the right blend of industry and leader development experience to ensure you achieve the results you need. Choose the right program based upon your level of leadership to ensure you have the right support for your unique circumstance.

Contact us on +61 427 355 138 or email ilse@purposesync.com to discuss your eCoaching needs

eCoaching Areas

The eCoaching process will give you the awareness of the meaning you attach to business, leadership and your role in the organisation. Some of the areas you be guided and encouraged to explore in your quest for values congruence include:

Create a Healthy Mindset

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Using our values Insight technique, you will tap into behavioural change principles to increase focus, create change and achieve results

Design your Leadership Legacy

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Gain a deeper understanding of how your Hero/Zero moments have shaped your leadership style and contribute to your legacy.

Build PurposeDRIVEN Goals

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Rework traditional goal setting and maximise results with our unique methodology in goal setting and alignment.

Discover your Unconscious Biases

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Learn more about your blueprint for bias and sabotage to understand the conditions, stressors, and triggers that derail your best efforts.

Reignite Work/Life Harmony

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Build powerful rituals into your day and discover the power of Gratitude mornings to boost your performance and mental wellbeing.

Deepen your Emotional Fitness

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Gain awareness of how Emotions contribute to the masks you wear and the subsequent effect upon your emotional health and relationships.

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Features of your eCoaching Program

During your program you will receive:


  • 1-1 eCoaching sessions
  • DiSC personality profile
  • Weekly accountability
  • Unlimited email support
  • Goal setting questionairre
  • Cognitive thinking assessment
  • Values elicitation quiz
  • PLUS Interviews, Expert Commentary and More!

Client Responsibilities

As a client, it’s important to us that you have the best experience possible in your transformation. So there’s a few commitments that we’ll ask you, which includes:

Sign a Client Confidentiality Agreement

Follow through on your Accountabilities

Keep a daily journal or practice memoing

Celebrate your successes with us


Prior to your coaching sessions, you will need to complete these activities to help you achieve benchmark results in your session. This includes:

Goal Setting Questionnaire

Complete the PurposeDRIVEN Goal Setting strategy that is designed to tap into goals that are give you a better business and better quality of life.

Cognitive Thinking Assessment

Take the cognitive thinking assessment to determine your overarching ideologies that guide your leadership thinking, behaviors, actions, even your personality.

Values Elicitation Quiz

Delve into your Value Elicitation to understand current vs desired values that shapes your relationships, business decisions and sense of self.